Geosoft provides academic subscription options for geoscience research and classroom teaching. Join an international network of educators that use Geosoft software to advance the study of geophysics, geology and geochemistry. 

  • Geosoft software is very easy to use, which means that students can focus on the task at hand, rather than how to use the software.

    estella atekwana, oklahoma state university
  • The versatility of the Oasis montaj platform enables us to apply the software when working with potential field methods, radiometrics, geochemistry and geology. It’s fast, interactive and above all very reliable.

    vinicius louro, university of sao paulo, geolit 

Access advanced technology and high quality support 

Geoscience educators and researchers require affordable access to the latest technology to advance their research projects, and provide students with valuable exposure to software used in the field. Geosoft’s multidisciplinary workflows and capabilities for quickly examining alternative hypotheses are ideal for research and classroom teaching. Online help, including a comprehensive support knowledge-base, and learning resources are available to support researchers, instructors and students.  

Geosoft for geoscience research and classroom teaching

Online learning, knowledge base and technical resources to support your success with Geosoft. 


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