Geosoft provides multidisciplinary software for exploration geoscience, and 3D visualization of subsurface and subsea environments. Make confident exploration decisions, mitigate risk and accellerate opportunity development.  

  • Geosoft Target allows us to do comprehensive compilations by tying in historical data with airborne and ground geophysics and our latest geochemical and drill hole data. It graphically communicates important information to both investors and geologists.

    Garrett ainsworth, Nexgen energy
  • Petrobras uses the most advanced software in the market for potential fields. About 80 percent of the company's gravity and magnetic projects use the Geosoft platform for interpretation, preparation of maps and grids, and assembly of the database.

    julio Lyrio, petrobras
  • Our goal is not to drill more, but to drill sooner and more effectively. In this regard, Target will play a major role in the development of our geological model, and we expect to fully utilize its powerful data processing and analysis tools to optimize data interpretation. 

    jim royall, medgold resources

Increase insight and exploration targeting effectiveness

Finding mineral and energy resources requires integrated geoscience methods to extract maximum insight from available data, focus targeting and guide drilling programs. Greater insight means less assumptions and more focused targeting. Geosoft can help you find, test and develop opportunities with greater speed and confidence.

Mineral Geoscience

Mineral Geoscience

Geosoft provides multidisciplinary software for 3D geophysics, geology, geochemistry and GIS. Applications within mineral exploration include: 

  • 3D mineral exploration targeting 
  • Strategic mineral exploration
  • Precious-metal exploration
  • Deep Earth visualization
Energy Geoscience

Energy Geoscience

Geosoft provides advanced software for potential field geophysics and geological modelling. Applications within energy exploration include:

  • Potential field methods for Oil & Gas exploration
  • Deepwater offshore exploration
  • Geothermal exploration
  • Subsalt and subvolcanic visualization 

High performance software for 3D exploration geoscience 

Access powerful tools for multidisciplinary geoscience in a dynamic 3D environment.

Oasis montaj

Visualize and analyze your drillhole and borehole data in 1D, 2D and 3D.


Model complex 2D and 3D subsurface structures with gravity and magnetics.

GM-SYS Modelling

Deeper scientific insight – the technology and
expertise to help you find what’s hidden, faster.


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