Geosoft provides market-leading 3D geology and geochemistry software for Esri ArcGIS. Interrogate your data from multiple perspectives, for more accurate interpretation results. 

  • The interaction between ArcGIS and Geosoft is quite important. It has allowed us to combine the strengths of both products. 

    Stephen reford, pgw
  • We wouldn't consider doing something without the third dimension, if we have drill data available. Target for ArcGIS provides the ability to handle that third dimension quickly and easily. 

    buster hunsaker, consulting geologist

Optimize results with integrated geoscience and GIS analysis

Working effectively within GIS, and sharing multidisciplinary data and knowledge, is an important requirement for geoscientists. Geosoft’s geoscience applications for ArcGIS enable critical analysis for exploration and earth science investigations. Streamline your workflows when working with geoscience and GIS data. Collaborate more effectively and improve the quality of interpretations.

Geology and Geochemistry for ArcGIS

Geosoft provides advanced geology and geochemistry software for Esri ArcGIS that streamlines geoscience analysis for exploration and earth science investigations. Conduct multifaceted analysis and generate integrated interpretations within Esri ArcMap.  Present 3D visualizations that are meaningful to colleagues, managers and customers. 

Integrated Geoscience Platform 

Geosoft’s integrated geoscience platform is also available with embedded Esri’s ArcEngine technology which enables you to use Esri tools, and natively display Arc .mxd and .lyr files, without leaving the Geosoft environment. You can choose this option to share your files seamlessly across Geosoft and ESRI, and collaborate more effectively within an integrated environment.

Esri-integrated solutions for geoscience and GIS

Visualize and analyze your geology drillhole and borehole data in Esri ArcGIS.

Target for ArcGIS

Conduct advanced geochemical QA and analysis in Esri ArcGIS. 

GEOchemistry for ArcGIS

Import, convert and display Geosoft raster files in Esri ArcGIS Pro.


Deeper scientific insight – the technology and
expertise to help you find what’s hidden, faster.


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