Geosoft provides data services and integrated technology solutions for geoscience data management.
Maximize the value of your data by
making it easier for stakeholders to
access and collaborate with it. 

  • We only have to do this right once and it’s done for eternity...That value can be realized on present or future projects or even sold to third parties. You don't really know what you've got until it's all in one place.

    Mike McClelland, Cameco
  • Making geoscientific data more accessible and transparent is critical to furthering understanding of the North-West district, and encouraging new investment in resource exploration within Africa.

    Hudson Ngwisanyi, Botswana Geoscience Institute
  • We have improved our workflow now that everything is in the same spot… And people don’t have to spend as much time manipulating the data, they can just access it and start their research.

    Maggie Currie, Hudbay
  • We want to use all the data we have. You have to be able to find the data, know the value of it and know how to handle it.

    Christian Gram, Statoil

Improve access and optimize use of your geoscience data

Giving stakeholders rapid, complete and easy access to all relevant and available information is the most compelling incentive for geoscience data management. From data cleansing and organization to systems integration and online data delivery  - Geosoft can help you make your data more visible, searchable and usable.

Mineral Resources

Provide on-demand access to historical, geoscience and data GIS for effective, multidisciplinary collaboration and exploration decision-making. Maximize the value of data for business and opportunity development.


Increase visibility and optimize use of regional data to support natural resource management, and encourage investment in resource exploration. Promote productive collaboration with public and industry stakeholders. 


Improve access to your potential field data for optimal use within opportunity and project development. Increase the quality of your exploration model through integrated insight and improved collaboration. 

Unexploded Ordnance 

Efficiently manage and share large volumes of survey data to support field work, project planning, regulatory compliance and reporting. Improve collaboration with clients, and across project teams. 

Services and technology for geoscience data management

Cleanse and organize data to make it more visible, searchable and usable.

Data Services

Deliver and discover data quickly and easily, anywhere in the world.

Server Technology

Integrate and customize your data solution to meet business objectives.


Simplify and modernize the
way you manage your drilling
and sample data.




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