Exploring for oil and renewables

Increase insight and reduce risk in energy exploration with integrated gravity and magnetic methods.

Energy companies, challenged to meet global demand for oil and renewable resources, have expanded their exploration to deeper, more remote and complex environments. Integrated approaches are being used to accelerate project development, and minimize the risk of conducting expensive investigation before potential is determined.  

Gravity and magnetic methods, in conjunction with seismic, are suitable for potential field exploration and visualization of subsalt and deepwater environments. Gravity and magnetics can be used across energy exploration to assess and define projects early on, and enhance geological interpretations.

Geosoft Oasis montaj and GM-SYS are industry-leading solutions for gravity interpretation and potential field modelling. Augment and integrate your seismic interpretation with gravity and magnetic methods to maximize insight and support discovery success.


Gravity and magnetic methods for energy exploration

  • Potential field exploration
  • Subsalt visualization 
  • Geothermal exploration
  • Deepwater offshore exploration
  • Subvolcanic visualization
  • Seabed surveys for wind farms

Customer Success

Julio Lyrio


"The great advantage of using the Geosoft platform is the fact that it provides the ability for tight integration, from the database through to the preparation of the maps.This has eliminated the need for multiple software and the constant migration of information from one program to another." 

Dr. Mark Davies


"We favour a number of processing routines and a lot of the functionality of Geosoft's processing is excellent, so why re-invent the wheel? We also write our own Geosoft Executables and then fold that into the software. That gives us the flexibility we need to tailor workflows."

Dr. Michal Ruder

Wintermoon Geotechnologies

"Using GM-SYS to construct a theoretical model
to test that sensitivity of the tool in a particular geologic setting will help us determine whether it’s even worthwhile to do a gravity and magnetics acquisition of data."

Mark Longacre

Geophysical Consultant

"Geosoft is still by far the best software for generating gravity and magnetic interpretations, and products that can be easily integrated into the seismic world."

Dr. Mario Gimenez

Professor of  Geophysics
San Juan University

"We have modules for processing of gravity and magnetics, filtering, 2D and 3D Modelling. The Oasis montaj platform is very comprehensive. It enables a variety of processes in the same environment."


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Geosoft for Energy

Oasis montaj

Access a powerful set of mapping and analysis tools in one dynamic, 3D environment.

GM-SYS Modelling

Model complex subsurface structures with gravity and magnetics. 

Information Management

Improve access to information for global exploration teams.