Geosoft provides market-leading technology for the detection and analysis of unexploded ordnance (UXO) with marine magnetics. Effectively process, map and visualize large volumes of marine magnetic and electromagnetic data.

  • The biggest advantage of the Geosoft software is the sheer volume of data it can handle, and how easily you’re able to process the data. It’s very fast, and you can get nice preliminary results out very quickly.

  • Oasis montaj is remarkable in its ability to graphically analyze a large dataset and a multitude of ocean variables. It is a wonderful program to analyze the results.


Remove doubt in seabed investigations

Remove doubt in seabed investigations and manage large-scale marine UXO projects more cost effectively. Geosoft’s UXO Marine software for Oasis montaj provides a comprehensive solution for processing and visualizing geophysical data for marine UXO and seabed surveys.

Geosoft software makes the handling and management of multi-sensor magnetic and gradiometer arrays data easier and more efficient. Applications for marine geophysics include:

  • Underwater UXO investigations
  • Cable and pipeline mapping
  • Marine archaeology
  • Seabed surveys for infrastructure assessment
  • Integration with hydrographic data - sonar, pinger 
  • Sea floor exploration

Market-leading software and solutions for marine geophysics

Oasis montaj

Access powerful tools for multidisciplinary geoscience in a dynamic 3D environment.

Oasis montaj

UXO Marine

Locate UXO, utilities, seabed debris and contaminants with magnetic and EM data.

UXO Marine

Efficiently manage, share and collaborate with large volumes of survey data.


Customize and enhance your Geosoft technology solution or build new, innovative applications.

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