Geosoft provides an integrated and industry-standard platform for multidisciplinary geoscience. Empower team collaboration, and improve the quality of analysis and project outcomes.

  • Our Geosoft and GIS software helped us to map everything out and manage our projects more effectively. We can combine and consider not only the geology, but all the relevant project information.

    Olivier masset, areva
  • The Geosoft software enabled an efficient data processing work flow which helped us to evaluate data in real time and make field decisions regarding the need for additional data collection.

    Brian ham, ensafe
  • I think people don't realize how easy it is to integrate all of their datasets, whether it's seismic and non-seismic, raster and vector, GIS software and Geosoft Oasis montaj provide some great tools for that.

    michal ruder, Wintermoon technologies

Discover more – maximize insight from all your geoscience and GIS data

Geoscientists and GIS professionals rely on methodologies that combine all 4Gs – geology, geophysics, geochemistry and GIS to unravel their discovery challenges. Geosoft provides an integrated platform for multidisciplinary geoscience that’s designed to handle complex geospatial analysis. We partner with ESRI to deliver market-leading GIS solutions for exploration and the geosciences. Gain deeper insight into your target environment, make decisions with confidence and reduce project risk.  

Multifaceted geoscientific analysis - subsurface and subsea 

Discover the advantages of Geosoft’s integrated
platform for multidisciplinary geoscience. 


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