Geosoft software and services support collaborative exploration and help to solve complex geoscience challenges.  Extract more value from your geoscience data, and get more insightful results.

  • We had a lot of data, and with Geosoft we were able to visualize it quickly and overlay anything on top – geophysics, geochemistry, block models. 

    alex walcott, consulting geophysicist
  • Geosoft GM-SYS software has tools for 2D and 3D gravity modelling and the ability to integrate with seismic and well data to produce depth surfaces that are key to seismic interpretation.

    Jonathan watson, bridgeporth
  • Target is very intuitive and easy to learn, but the key is how well it integrates surface data and downhole drill data. With the wireframing features incorporated, it’s also able to meet our 3D geology requirements.

    jim royal, medgold resources
  • The biggest advantage of the Geosoft software is the sheer volume of data it can handle, and how easily you’re able to process the data. It’s very fast, and you can get nice preliminary results out very quickly.

    Caroline tweedle, bibby hydromap

All Geosoft software is available by subscription.
Options include monthly, annual and multi-year terms.


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