What's New in Geosoft 9.7

Geosoft’s 9.7 release optimizes and simplifies the UAV Geophysics extension workflow, features a new 2D & 3D
SEG-Y Import Wizard making seismic data more accessible and introduces productivity gains with enhancements to the Induced Polarization and Gravity and Terrain Correction extensions. 9.7 also supports Open Mining Format (OMF) for transfer of entire 3D scenes between Geosoft and Leapfrog.

Release highlights

Seequent ID and MySeequent

  • Geosoft is now a part of Seequent
  • Transition to Seequent ID, a simple and secure single sign in.
  • Seequent ID provides access tothe MySeequent user portal.
  • Find all product downloads, release notes, system requirements and more.
  • Requires Geosoft Connect update and Geosoft ID password reset.
  • Learn more

UAV Geophysics Extension

  • Import a previously designed and collected survey.
  • Define the location of more than one observer in Line of Sight compliance.
  • Export planned UAV surveys as .kml files for survey planning in drone navigation packages and for viewing in mapping apps, such as Google Earth.
  • Apply several tools to multiple sorties at once.

2D & 3D SEG-Y Import Wizard

  • Convert 2D and 3D seismic data into Oasis montaj-compatible formats with the new and intuitive import wizard.
  • Make seismic data accessible to geoscientists who are not seismic experts.
  • Save time visualizing and interpreting by filtering and subsetting.

Induced Polarization (IP) Extension

  • Better control on the 2D and 3D IP displays.
  • Interactive visualization tools clarify the relationship between the plot points and their contributing electrodes.

Gravity and Terrain Correction Extension

  • Honor and accept standard data channel names and alphanumeric station names.
  • Apply leveling and atmospheric correction.

Open Mining Format (OMF) Support

  • Transfer geoscience data between software packages with OMF
    - an initiative of the Global Mining Guidelines Group, of which Seequent is a member.
  • Move all your project data as a single file, instead of many.
  • Share geoscience data internally and externally.
  • Open and consume Oasis montaj or Target datasets in Leapfrog.

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