Open a variety of geospatial formats, visualize and integrate
your data in 3D and maps, then export and share with others

Easily view geoscience data

Open common geoscience data formats and visualize the data as custom profiles, maps, and 3D views. The Geosoft Viewer supports many industry-standard file formats, including: Geosoft Maps (.map), Grids (.grd), Databases (.gdb), Voxels (.voxel), and 3D View files (.3dv).

Use the Geosoft Viewer to view geoscience data

Use the Geosoft Viewer to visualize, integrate and overlay geoscience data

Visualize, integrate and overlay

View your data in profiles, maps and 3D to gain a deeper understanding of the data and your project area.

Apply custom raster colours and shading to customize the appearance to emphasize details. Compare multiple datasets side-by-side or adjust the transparency of your data layers and overlay them to identify the subtle relationships between the different datasets.

Convert, export and share

Create shareable products to communicate your results with your colleagues and clients. Email or print your maps and 3D views. Quickly export them as images or PDF files to include in reports and presentations.

Share the Geosoft Viewer with colleagues and stakeholders to connect your whole team, allowing anyone to view your geoscience data as maps, databases, or interactive 3D models.

Convert, export and share data with the Geosoft Viewer

Find public data

Find public data

Use the built-in Seeker search engine to access Geosoft's Geoscience Data Service. Quickly find and download public geoscience and topographic data for your project area.

Download data from multiple datasets and choose your preferred file format. Examples of available datasets include: SRTM topography, regional gravity and magnetic survey grids, coastline, political and cultural boundaries in WMS format.

Start using the Geosoft Viewer

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