A specialized and comprehensive workflow for detecting UXO
targets in marine environments.
UXO Marine for Oasis montaj helps
to convert magnetic data into accurate target detection, mapping, and analysis.

Oasis montaj with the UXO Marine extension is the best tool on the market for efficiently dealing with large-scale marine UXO surveys on a daily basis.


High performance software for marine magnetic data

UXO Marine provides specialized tools to process and visualize magnetometer and gradiometer data for effective detection and analysis of targets in marine site investigation surveys. It is designed for marine surveyors working with individual sensors and multi-sensor arrays, as well as multiple gradient and horizontal gradient gradiometers.

  • Easily process large volumes of magnetic data
  • Map magnetic and electromagnetic (EM) data
  • Perform quality assurance and quality control
  • Effectively locate and analyze UXO targets
  • Optimize seabed survey planning and reporting

Dedicated workflow for UXO marine surveys

Make positioning and location corrections

Automatically position all sensors in multi-sensor arrays and apply a variety of navigation corrections.

  • Correct your data for navigation problems.
  • Position any number of sensors and configurations with positioning tools for sensor arrays.
  • A specialized draping tool, based on airborne magnetic survey requirements, allows you to adjust magnetic data to a constant “altitude” above the sea floor, providing consistent analysis from line to line and along each survey line.

Apply data corrections and conduct QA/QC

Ensure your data quality. Enhance the data with filtering and residuals for noise and background removal.

  • Sensor positioning is corrected in a number of ways, including lag and offset tools to correct the path or location of your survey data.
  • Instrument tests and other QA/QC processes are available.
  • Level mag sensors to each other, in arrays.
  • Geophysical correction tools identify and remove spikes and other noise from background geology or instrument-inherent sources.

Process and prepare large data volumes

Rapidly process your data to optimize target picking and analysis.

  • Data can be processed in profile form for wide line spacings (often the case in gradient surveys), or in 2D grids for surveys with full area coverage. 
  • Calculate the Analytic Signal from any combination of measured and calculated gradients to reduce noise and produce a cleaner analytical signal for automated and manual target picking.

Select UXO targets

Pick targets automatically from profiles or gridded data using specialized Analytic Signal tools.

  • Interactively add, delete or move targets in profile or map views.
  • Automatically find the closest peak to the picked location, when manually picking targets from profile data.

Model and analyze UXO targets

Model magnetic anomalies for selected targets to estimate the target locations and depths. Apparent size and magnetic moment calculations help to further characterize UXO targets for informed decision-making.

  • The automated inversion modelling supports the sparse data commonly seen in many marine magnetic and gradiometer surveys, and provides output of magnetic moment.
  •  Automatically analyze targets for accurate locations, depths, and ferrous weights using Euler depth calculations.
  • Interactive modeling of individual targets can be done for deeper examination.

Produce specialized reports and maps

Produce a variety of powerful and informative maps and displays, including rotated maps.

When you create a map, you can rotate the data view in any direction on the map so that north is not necessarily at the top of the page. This enables you to find the best fit for your data to the page or screen. It is also useful for creating maps that have the map boundary parallel to the survey direction or to maximize the coverage of the map for long narrow surveys. Additionally, it may increase some processing and visualization speeds by an order of magnitude or more.

UXO Marine includes modelling tools developed in partnership with Acorn Science & Innovation.

Expand your UXO Solution

Add more capabilities to your Oasis montaj UXO subscription with extensions for UXO detection, analysis and classification of UXO targets.


Why subscribe to UXO Marine?

Subscribing to Geosoft software provides a simple and flexible
way to access and manage your essential geoscience tools.


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