High quality technical solutions tailored to your needs. We can customize and enhance your existing Geosoft solution or build new, innovative applications that improve productivity and effectiveness.

  • Geosoft's ability to provide a menu system based on our needs helps us present a product that's consistent across the company.

    jean Legault, chief geophysicist
  • Geosoft automated 90 per cent of my map-making, but they made the program flexible so that I can stop at any time, do something unique to the maps, and then continue...

    jay hodny, senior project manager
  • We found a partner in Geosoft, who helped us develop and implement GET-IT. They delivered on the technology and services. 

    mike mcclelland, cameco

Innovative solutions for solving unique challenges

Geosoft has the depth of technical and industry expertise to understand your unique business needs, and translate them into specific requirements for solution development. Our team of geoscientists, solution architects and developers can design highly specialized tools suited to your user workflows and organizational needs. Tiered support options are available to ensure uninterrupted access to your custom tools, and to protect your investment into the future.

Services and technology for geoscience data management

Cleanse and organize data to make it more visible, searchable and usable.

Data Services

Deliver and discover data quickly and easily, anywhere in the world.

Server Technology

Integrate and customize your data solution to meet business objectives.


Deeper scientific insight - the technology and expertise to help you find what's hidden, faster. 


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