A simple, integrated data experience. Geosoft can integrate your information systems - geoscience, GIS and document management - and customize a delivery solution that improves data visibility and accessibility across your organization.

The team I lead is able to access data much more quickly without having to ask others for it. They are operating much more efficiently now that everything is self-serve.

dave thomas, cameco

Geoscience portal development 

Online geoscience portals provide a powerful and user-friendly interface for delivering multi-disciplinary data and documents stored within multiple systems.

  • Deliver anytime, anywhere access to all your data with an online geoscience portal customized to your needs.
  • Enable all stakeholders to search, interrogate, preview and download data in commercial or open standard formats.


Integrated data delivery

We've developed cutting-edge data delivery solutions that integrate market-leading Esri, acQuire and SharePoint technologies. With connected workflows and systems you can deliver significant value to data consumers and administrators

  • Save time searching for data, with historical data and project information always at your fingertips.
  • Streamline data workflows and management processes, and enable geoscientists to focus on high-value analysis that impacts decision-making and discovery.

3 Steps to data you can trust. Remove barriers to effective search and retrieval of geoscience data.


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