Since 1986, Geosoft technology and expertise has helped earth explorers make discoveries through data. Spend less time handling data, and generate more knowledge for discovery.

  • Geosoft took the time to understand our business requirements and they continue to learn with us … we’re equally vested in making this the best experience it can be for data consumers.

    mike mcclelland, Cameco
  • The level of knowledge, dedication and helpfulness provided by Geosoft technical support is outstanding. It's the best I've experienced. 

    Trevor bremner, Consultant 
  • Geosoft VOXI has come a long way, and cloud computing is definitely the way of the future. The speed is really impressive, and you're able to experiment and try more things in tighter time frames. 

    alex walcott, Consulting geophysicist

Why Geosoft?

Impactful Technology Icon

Impactful Technology

We work closely with industry and academic collaborators to advance the application of technologies that have the most impact.

  • Led by well-recognized scientists
  • Proven, science-based workflows that deliver fast and effective results
  • Functional depth supports multifaceted analysis and agile experimentation, while promoting industry best practices
  • Data-driven 3D earth modelling, with links to 2D so that important context is never lost
Services and Expertise Icon

Services and Expertise

Geosoft offers a depth of services and expertise to help you achieve daily project outcomes and strategic corporate objectives.

  • Consulting, data services, solution design and customization to meet your business goals
  • Trusted source of expertise for solving large and complex data challenges
  • Global and responsive technical support network
  • Rich, online learning and knowledge resources
Cloud Innovation Icon

Cloud Innovation

We are pioneering new, cloud computing and service-centred approaches that maximize data value and support collaboration.

  • Innovation for earth scientists, by earth scientists
  • Pioneers of high performance geocomputing and 3D inversion modelling in the cloud
  • Ground-breaking service and technology solutions for geoscience data management
  • R&D effort focused on advancing earth exploration

Subscribing to Geosoft software provides a simple and flexible way to access your essential geoscience tools.


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